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  1. Mental Earth Community (MEC)

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    The Mental Earth Community aims to provide peer support for adults experiencing mental disorders as well as their friends and family in a safe and secure environment. (English)

  2. Mood Garden

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    Mood Garden is an independent, not-for-profit site that includes a message board as well as blogs and mood charts. (English)

  3. RethinkTalk

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    RethinkTalk offers an opportunity to share advice and discuss issues surrounding mental health. Registration is free and the forum is moderated by a team of staff and volunteers (although moderation isn't provided 24/7). (English)

  4. Forums at Psych Central

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    Psych Central includes a number of different forums grouped into various topic areas, including: mental health support, treatments and self-care strategies, health & other support, distractions and social group forums. (English)

  5. Online PPMD Support Group

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    The Online Postpartum Mood Disorders Support Group is consumer developed, maintained and moderated. It is designed to offer support to women who are experiencing postpartum mood disorders. (English)

  6. Netdoctor forums for depression

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    Netdoctor offers both a ‘depression' and ‘anxiety' online bulletin board. These boards allow you to read questions and comments posted by others - and post your own questions or comments. (English)

  7. Big White Wall (BWW)

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    Big White Wall (BWW) provides a SupportNetwork, GuidedSupport and LiveTherapy. The SupportNetwork provides anonymous peer and community support, facilitated by trained and supervised staff and clinicians, who are online 24/7. (English)