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Overcoming Depression is an interactive program drawing from cognitive and behavioural activation therapy.  After baseline assessment a tailored plan is designed for users.  The program content targets nine key areas designed to provide education and skills-training.  This includes a focus on changing negative thoughts, maintaining an active lifestyle, identifying and understanding symptoms of depression, overcoming self-defeating behaviours such as lack of motivation, preventing relapse by recognising early warning signs, discussions of risk factors for depression, information on the use of medication and psychotherapy.  Additional features include a library of exercises and activities, rating scales and charts to track progress, a journal, an email system to encourage task completion, and follow-up assessments at 30, 90 and 180 day evaluations and reporting.

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HealthMedia, Inc..


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Psychological – CBT.
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Long (more than 5 modules). 9 primary sections
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Automated only.

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Fee-based. The site is fee-based to health plans and employers, who then provide it for free to their members or employees
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