myRay is an extended program of CBT which focuses on your personal experiences and what you can do to improve well-being.  It comprises six major sections: identification of daily habits and skills-training in time management, relaxation techniques to help you cope more effectively with stress, CBT to help you understand your thoughts and change negative perceptions of the environment, the identification of personality traits that might impact upon you and training in changing these, a focus on your experiences and the impact of your perceived control, and an e-group which gives the chance to communicate with others using the program and also participate in group therapy.  The site includes features such as video tutorials, feedback on your responses, a glossary, and options for in depth or brief explanations in each part.  To enrol you must complete a 28-question assessment.  If you are considered likely to benefit from the program you will be invited to subscribe.

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Agency Responsible:
Dr Michael Benjamin, Israel.


Intervention Type:
Psychological – CBT.
Course Length:
Long (more than 5 modules). 6 major sections
Support Option:
Program guidance. The site provides automated support and lay support through an online group.

Target Audience

Primary Category:
Secondary Categories:
Depression and Generalised anxiety disorder.
Target Audience:
English. A Hebrew version is planned.


Free. Donations are welcome
Closed: Email administrator. Access to this website requires that your responses to an initial quiz reveal that you could benefit from the program.
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