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The LEAP project consists of a self-study, internet-based, modular, 8-week program using spiritual approaches to life. The program is presented through film clips, music and stories, and includes weekly visualisation and relaxation techniques. It aims to treat depression by guiding users through an exploration of life values including self acceptance, appreciating life's beauty, experiencing mystery in life, gratitude, compassion, acceptance and forgiveness. Participants will learn relaxation techniques and will apply their newly-learned insights with weekly off-line practices. The intervention aims to teach participants how to cope, to release past hurts, and to uncover meaning and purpose in their lives. 

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Canadian Institute of Natural and Integrative Medicine (CINIM).


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Other. Utilises a spiritual approach
Course Length:
Long (more than 5 modules). Comprises 8 modules
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No support.

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Target Audiences:
Adolescent and Young Adult.


Closed: Research participation.
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Research evidence

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In a sample of 62 participants with clinically diagnosed major depressive disorder, the severity of depression measured by the Children's Depression Rating Scale (CDRS-R) in the younger age subgroup (13 to 18 years of age; n = 31) and the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale (HAMD) in the older age subgroup (19 to 24 years of age; n = 31) was significantly decreased in the intervention group than the waitlist control group at the 8-week follow-up. Meanwhile, the mean CDRS-R score and the mean HAMD score decreased significantly from the baseline and continued to decrease at week 8, at week 16, and at week 24 in the intervention group.

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There is some evidence that the site works. One or two good studies support its use.
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There is some evidence that the site works. One or two good studies support its use.

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Research paper citations

Rickhi, B., Kania-Richmond, A., Moritz, S., Cohen, J., Paccagnan, P., Dennis, C., ... & Toews, J. (2015). Evaluation of a spirituality informed e-mental health tool as an intervention for major depressive disorder in adolescents and young adults–a randomized controlled pilot trial. BMC complementary and alternative medicine, 15(1), 450.

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