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Interapy uses CBT to reduce symptoms associated with mild to moderate depression. The treatment comprises of a personal online interactive workbook, consisting of "homework assignments" that the user completes. At regular intervals, a psychologist uses the contents of this workbook to post personalised feedback and further instructions to the user. The order, nature, and contents of the assignments and the timing of therapist feedback is governed by a treatment manual. Treatment consists of eight phases: (1) Inducing Awareness - writing assignments, (2) Inducing Awareness - mood monitoring, (3) Structuring Activities, (4) Cognitive Restructuring - challenging negative thoughts, (5) Cognitive Restructuring - putting negative thoughts to the test in behavioural experiments, (6) Positive Self-Verbalization, (7) Social Skills - interacting with others, (8) Relapse Prevention. In total there are 86 user assignments and 21 feedback/instruction texts. Users need about 2 to 4 hours per week to complete the assignments, over approximately 21 weeks. Upon registering online, there is an extensive intake interview comprising questionnaires and telephone contact with a psychologist, to determine user eligibility. Follow up evaluations are made 6 weeks and 1 year after completion of the treatment program.

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Interapy Netherlands BV.


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Psychological – CBT.
Course Length:
Long (more than 5 modules). Requires approximately 21 weeks to complete
Support Option:
Clinical support. From a psychologist through written feedback on average twice a week

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Free. Free for the Netherlands under the Health Insurance Act. If you are insured in the Netherlands you need a referral from a doctor to the use the program, and if you are deemed eligible you will be fully reimbursed, minus any insurance excess that might be payable.
Open: With registration.
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Research evidence

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Outcome Summary:

A randomised wait-list controlled trial of the Interapy Depression Program found evidence for the efficacy of the program in treating mild to moderate depression. Compared with a wait-list control condition, standardised therapist-guided web-based CBT induced large and clinically relevant improvements in depression, anxiety, and well-being in a community sample of adults with chronic symptoms of mild to moderate depression. Large between-group effect sizes were found on both the Beck Depression Inventory (d = 0.7) and the Depression scale of the Symptom Checklist-90-Revised (d = 1.1). After controlling for spontaneous improvements in the control group, the online CBT had an effect size of d = 0.9.

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There is some evidence that the site works. One or two good studies support its use.
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There is some evidence that the site works. One or two good studies support its use.

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Research paper citations

Efficacy papers:

  1. Ruwaard, J., Schrieken, B., Schrijver, M., Broeksteeg, J., Dekker, J., Vermeulen, H., & Lange, A. (2009). Standardized web-based cognitive behavioural therapy of mild to moderate depression: a randomized controlled trial with a long-term follow-up. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, 38(4), 206–221.

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