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Depression Online (DO) is an automated self-help program that consists of 12 evidence-based modules. Participants complete one module per week over 12 weeks, utilising cognitive-behavioural strategies to increase undertanding of depression. The course provides skills training to address the thoughts, feelings and behaviours feeding into depression. The program is accessed through where an account can be registered. A comprehensive assessment is completed online (called an e-PASS) to determine whether criteria is met for depression and whether or not the program is appropriate. 

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Agency Responsible:
National eTherapy Centre, Swinburne University of Technology.


Intervention Type:
Psychological – CBT.
Course Length:
Long (more than 5 modules). Comprises one module per week for 12 weeks
Support Option:
Automated only.

Target Audience

Primary Category:
Target Audience:
Adult. 18yrs and above


Open: With registration.
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Research evidence

Research Trials:
Research RCTs:
Outcome Summary:

In an open trial in a clinical population, 83 patients were offered Depression Online with weekly therapist assistance via e-mail. At post-treatment there was a significant reduction in depressive symptoms as measured by the PHQ-9, with a within group effect size of d=1.25. Patients with more severe symptoms at baseline were observed to have a greater reduction in symptoms, as well as those who completed more modules. 

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There is evidence that the site might work. More conclusive studies are needed.
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There is evidence that the site might work. More conclusive studies are needed.

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Research paper citations

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