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The Journal is an online program designed to help people to develop strategies for overcoming depression and features the former All Black John Kirwan who shares his own experience of depression. JK takes you through 6 progressive lessons designed to help you change negative thought processes and develop self-help techniques to overcome depression. The lessons focus on helping you to make positive lifestyle changes, identify problems and solutions and encourage you to monitor your progress. There is also a partner program - The Lowdown - which is specifically designed to help young people with depression.

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The New Zealand Ministry of Health.


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Psychological – CBT. The program is also part of a 'Depression' website that provides a range of educational material
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Long (more than 5 modules). The program includes a short 'self -test' and 6 lessons
Support Option:
Automated only. A Journal Helpline number is available and you can also select to receive text message or email reminders

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Open: With registration. You need to register to take part in the Journal program - but all the other sections of the 'Depression' website are open.
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