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The Lowdown site is directed at youth and provides information about depression and support for individuals experiencing it.  It features stories from musicians, celebrities, and sports people from New Zealand who discuss their experiences of depression and encourage you to seek help.  The aim of these stories is to reduce the stigma associated with depression for young people.  The site includes self-tests for and information about depression, a messageboard for you to connect with other young people, and an option to contact one of the low down team for additional support or to seek urgent help. Users can be guided through the site by one of four navigators whose story is also featured.  The site is tailored to New Zealand residents.

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The New Zealand Ministry of Health.


Intervention Type:
Educational (primarily educational material or psychoeducation). The site is backed up by online and text-based support services that can be accessed via the site. Trained counsellors provide personal support to young people, including helping them access appropriate services in their locality, and providing option follow-up to establish their satisfaction with the services and ensure their safety.
Course Length:
Long (more than 5 modules). There is a lot of information in five major chapters but it can be viewed at your own pace.
Support Option:
Program guidance. The site also provides automated support. Lay support is offered through peer support on the message board.

Target Audience

Primary Category:
Depression. It is designed to encourage young people to understand and seek help for depression, where appropriate
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Open: With registration.
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