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The Depression Learning Path is designed to provide essential information about depression, including three sections which focus on depression information, understanding depression and treating depression.  'Information about Depression' presents the major symptoms of depression, its causes (both biological and psychological), and some signs of teenage depression.  'Understanding Depression' discusses the 'cycle of depression' as well as some of the cognitive factors that are linked to depression, including negative thoughts, beliefs about helplessness and thinking in extremes.  Finally, 'Treating Depression' discusses antidepressants and how well they work, their side effects, different types and what they might be used for.  It also considers various alternative treatments, as well as therapies frequently used to treat depression (eg. CBT and IPT) and what to expect when seeking help.  There is also a section on Frequently Asked Questions providing quick information about depression.

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Website. Featuring a downloadable workbook
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Educational (primarily educational material or psychoeducation).
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Long (more than 5 modules). 102 pages of information in 3 sections
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No support.

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