LINKS is a psycho-educational website targeted at people with a family history of depression. It includes information on the likelihood of depression occurring due to familial history, early signs and symptoms of depression, environmental and genetic risk factors such as stress and lifestyle factors, prevention and early detection strategies and interventions. The website features visual illustrations and video vignettes in order to clarify key concepts as well as provides rating for the evidence-base. You will also have access to a risk-assessment tool which allows you to visualize your lifetime and annual risk of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) or Bipolar Disorder (BD) relative to the general population among other risk estimates. 

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Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA).


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Educational (primarily educational material or psychoeducation).
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Other. 50 screens and 8 videos
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Program guidance.

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Target Audience:
Families. People with one or more relatives with a history of depression


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A pilot trial tested the website in six GP practices where 24 participants completed questionnaires regarding the LINKS website. Satisfaction with the website was high and it was considered acceptable by this sample. However, effectiveness of the website on depression was not tested and a larger controlled trial is required to evaluate if the website is able to reduce depressive symptoms.

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There is no evidence at the moment.
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There is no evidence at the moment.

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Research paper citations

Meiser, B., Peate, M., Levitan, C., Mitchell, P. B., Trevena, L., Barlow-Stewart, K., . . . Schofield, P. R. (2017). A Psycho-Educational Intervention for People with a Family History of Depression: Pilot Results. Journal of Genetic Counseling, 26(2), 312-321. doi: 10.1007/s10897-016-0011-5

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