Joyable can be accessed via PC or mobile app and delivers a supported course of CBT, personalised to address the issues pertinent to each user. Course material is available to address depression and anxiety, including social anxiety. The course consists of 5 modules, the first of which provides education about the disorders of interest. The following modules deal with cognitive restructuring and behavioural techniques. The final module addressed how to maintain results after course completion. The modules must be completed in order, with each course unlocked only when the previous module has been completed. Contact with a coach is optional, and comes in the form of weekly check-ins and feedback, as well as motivational support. Coaches are not licensed therapists but are trained in CBT and can answer questions about the course. A phone call with the coach is available at the start of the course to introduce the users to the course and to answer questions. 

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Joyable Inc..


Intervention Type:
Psychological – CBT.
Course Length:
Moderate (2-5 modules). 5 modules
Support Option:
Clinical support. Contact with a coach via text, phone or e-mail

Target Audience

Primary Categories:
Depression, Social anxiety and Generalised anxiety disorder.
Target Audience:


Fee-based. $99 per month
Closed: Fee required. Free 7 day trial is available
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Research evidence

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Outcome Summary:

An open study has been carried out looking at the efficacy of the program for treating social anxiety using data gathered from N=3,384 registered users. The primary outcome was social anxiety symptoms as measured using the Social Phobia Inventory (SPIN), which was completed at baseline, after completing the cognitive restructuring modules (CR-SPIN), after completing the exposure modules (EX-SPIN) and after completion of the course. Out of this sample N=1,768 users completed at least two SPIN assessments and were included in the analysis. A significant reduction in SPIN score was observed between baseline and CR-SPIN (d=0.63), between CR-SPIN and EX-SPIN (d=0.77) and between baseline and EX-SPIN (d=1.40). Analysis of the N=504 participants who completed the entire course found a significant reduction of symptoms between baseline and completion with a large effect size d=1.83. These results suggest that the course can be effective in reducing symptoms of social anxiety. A dose response effect is also suggested, as users who completed more of the course saw better results. 

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There is evidence that the site might work. More conclusive studies are needed.
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There is evidence that the site might work. More conclusive studies are needed.

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Research paper citations

(1) Dryman, M. T., McTeague, L. M., Olino, T. M., & Heimberg, R. G. (2017). Evaluation of an open-access CBT-based Internet program for social anxiety: Patterns of use, retention, and outcomes. Journal of consulting and clinical psychology, 85(10), 988.

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