The intervention is based on the principles of cognitive behavioural therapy targeted at treating postnatal depression. There are two variations of the program - MomMoodBooster(USA) and MumMoodBooster(Australia) which are web-based programs supplemented by regular calls with a trained personal coach. The intervention consists of six online sessions (Getting Started, Managing Mood, Increasing Pleasant Activities, Managing Negative Thoughts, Increasing Positive Thoughts, Planning for the Future) which become successively available as the user progresses through the lessons. These include introductory videos introducing the user to session goals, animations, interactive tools and reading material. Users are able to enter personal lists, access a library of relevant information on communication skills, how to obtain support, stress and time management, problem-solving, sleep, caring for the baby and relationship with partner. The program ensures user engagement by encouraging them to enter mood ratings and note down the number of pleasant activities they engaged in daily. In addition to lessons, users have access to a private forum where they may interact with other participants. The program includes two complementary websites – for personal coaches to monitor progress of their assigned users and an informational partner support website which is accessible through email invite.

Each session can be accessed on a weekly basis, however, users may take an additional week to complete them. Phone calls with a personal coach correspond to each weekly session and the overall course can be completed over 6 – 12 weeks. Participants are able to access the program for up to 6 months post enrolment.

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Parent-Infant Research Institute (Australia), Oregon Research Institute (United States).


Intervention Type:
Psychological – CBT.
Course Length:
Long (more than 5 modules). 6 sessions
Support Option:
Clinical support. telephone support provided by graduate psychology trainees and clinical psychologists

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Depression. antenatal and post-natal depression
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Open: With registration.
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Research evidence

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Research RCTs:
Outcome Summary:

One research trial has tested the efficacy of the MumMoodBooster program among Australian women aged 18 and above with a child aged less than 1 year. The intervention group (n=21) was assigned the program while the control group was assigned to treatment as usual (TAU) (n= 22). Results showed that 79% (15/19) women in the intervention group no longer met diagnostic criteria for depression compared to 18%(4/22) women in the control group. In terms of depression scores on the BDI-II scale, there was a large effect in favor of the intervention group (d=.83, 95% CI 0.20-1.45). Adherence and user satisfaction to the program were also high. 

A separate research trial conducted a feasibility testing of the MomMoodBooster (USA) version of the program with 27 participants from Iowa, USA and 26 participants from Melbourne, Australia. All participants received access to MMB program as well as telephone support and were sent automatic email reminders. Among participants who completed the program, 55%(29/53) met the PHQ-9 criteria for depression pre-test while 90%(26/29) no longer met the criteria post-test.


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There is some evidence that the site works. One or two good studies support its use.
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There is some evidence that the site works. One or two good studies support its use.

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Research paper citations


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Additional References:

Danaher, B. G., Milgrom, J., Seeley, J. R., Stuart, S., Schembri, C., Tyler, M. S., . . . Lewinsohn, P. (2012). Web-Based Intervention for Postpartum Depression: Formative Research and Design of the MomMoodBooster Program. JMIR Res Protoc, 1(2), e18. doi: 10.2196/resprot.2329


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